Do you ship internationally?

We ship all round the world,We assure you safe and fast shipping.

How long does shipping take?

Normally it would take up to 2-3 weeks depending on your country.If use air freight it will be delivered in 7 days

Will I be charged for taxes?

If the shipping method we agree is deliver to the port ,Yes you will be charged tax from your local government customs .We also have door to door delivery option but we recommend you to do your own clearing from your local port it will be cheaper because we use 3rd party agents for  clearing and delivery so there will be additional payment for them . Some times door to door price also may include tax depending government rules


What is your returns policy?

We don’t accept returns .

Do you refund?

After customer place an order we don’t refund unless there is an acceptable warranty claim . And warranty claim will only be refunded the repair fee

Do You Give Warranty for the Blower ?

At the moment we don’t manufacture blowers in our factory ,We purchase blowers from a reputed company which is specialized in blower manufacturing.So we are not giving any warranty for the blower


What forms of payments do you accept?

We only accept offline payment methods like Wire transfer ,Western Union,Money Gram and Pay pal.

You are purchasing from Australian company why your products price are in American Dollars ?

Even Though our suppliers are Australians we are the global company distributors ,We sell all round the world.So we use US Dollars as our default currency but Australian customers can pay in AUD through our Australian bank account

What are your warranty terms & conditions?

We give 2 years warranty for stitches but if other parts broken there is no warranty because others normally happens due to negligence , in proper maintenance and customer errors.

How Can I Claim Warranty?

Please send us clear and detailed pictures of the damage and we will negotiate what kind of a compensation suitable for it

Can I Pay Money to your Australian Bank Account?

Yes you can ,But we won’t be able to give you better discount.Because we will need to pay taxes 2 times if you pay through our Australian account.

I Am In USA How Can I Pay?

At the moment we only accept wire transfer ,Western Union and Pay pal (got 5% handling fee) payments from our USA and other country customers

What If You Didn’t Finish Production on Time

We understand our customers needs profit A.S.A.P. So will make sure we finish production on time .If we fail we are ready to negotiate a compensation